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The All-in-One Cloud based software solution for Specialist and Group Tour Operators.

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Software developed by industry professionals with over 20 years travel technology experience.

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All-in-one solution for tour operators anywhere

Accessible through the cloud from anywhere in the world, Darwin provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to support your entire business: CRM, CMS, Quotes & Reservations, Accounting and Finance, Reporting, Workflow, documentation and more...

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Sailing Holidays
Sailing Holidays
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Lifetime Data

With Darwin, we store your customer data from 'cradle to grave'. Within a single secure and encrypted customer record, you can hold details from initial enquiry, through every step of the sales process and beyond including post trip feedback. As customers become repeat customers, store all information within a single customer record, providing a full view of customer lifetime value in a single place.

Simple tools allow de-duplication, merging and bulk import of customer data allow you to easily maintain data, keeping it clean over many years.

Product Management

Bring Content, Cost and Price into one place

Our approach to being a 'single' platform offers customers the unique ability to manage complex product data, covering front office AND back office content, costing and pricing for a complete range of products and services, in a single place. This ensures simple maintenance and guarantees consistency of your data across all media, but minimises your overall business data management. Accessible either through an integrated Darwin hosted web site, or through our open API, you can use data from the single data store in many different ways.

As with all areas of Darwin, bulk data imports and exports further facilitate convenient large scale data management.

Quotes and Reservations

The heart of every system

The core of the Darwin Platform focuses on providing comprehensive tools to support the specific needs of Specialist, Tailor Made and Group Tour Operators. Whether you develop your quotations for clients on a purely FIT basis, hand crafting each individual quote, work from a library of pre made 'suggested' holidays, or whether you operate a group operation adding customers to specified departure/group led holidays, Darwin is able to support your needs. Features include:

  • Document generation into MS Word, HTML or PDF
  • Productivity tools for rapid requote etc.
  • Management of supplier relationship and booking process
  • Group manifest production and rooming lists

Accounting & Finance

Where's the money £££

Understanding cashflow is key to all travel businesses. Darwin provides comprehensive multi-currency capabilities covering all aspects of both client and supplier payments and providing full administrative process support and visibility of key financial data including forward currency requirements forecasting, itinerary & group profitability planning, and more.

With our optional integration to the popular Xero accounting tool, you can seamlessly link data between the two systems.

Alternatively, comprehensive export facilities allow you to pass data to any system of your choice.

Workflow Management

Never miss a vital action again ...

The enquiry, quote and booking process of complex holidays has many steps and stages often carried out over a prolonged period.

Our integral workflow management solution allows you to automate the definition of key process activities, allocating to individuals or groups within you team to undertake their part of the process. Dashboard alerts and delegation of activities further enable a comprehensive system to manage the many tasks involved in every booking, making sure that your customer service is never compromised and no stone is left unturned on every booking.


Last but not least!

Perhaps the most vital part of any system? Arguably yes - the ability to extract a wide range of data for various purposes, be that sales and marketing, financial reports, VAT returns, bonding reports, feedback analysis .. the list is long. A comprehensive set of reports is pre-built in to Darwin and all reports are available often with just a couple of simple clicks.

Comprehensive data extract facilities allow for even deeper analysis, extracting a huge amount of data, allowing you to undertake your own detailed and specific analysis of your key business information.

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